TDK and demonstrator (TA) courses for 2014/2015


After the successful final exam students can join the Department teaching staff (as assistants, demonstrators) or choose a research topic...

The students individually register themselves in the Neptun system as members of the English TDK course (if they plan research or dissecting activity) or the demonstrator (TA) course (in case of preferred teaching actvity) of the Dept. of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, if they request credit. During the last day of the semester they present their index for signature at prof. Kálmán (TDK students) or dr. Székely (TA students, demonstrators).



  Rules and application form  (Word doc)
for (new) TA students!



Activities expected for signature:


1) To attend regularly one practical weekly, according to their choice. The time of the practical is to be reported to dr. Székely, coordinator of teaching - during the first 2 weeks of the semester. To substitute teachers at this time.


2) Consultations according to the schedule displayed on the homepage and noticeboard of the department:

a)  Before midterm tests (Histology; Anatomy in the Museum or dissecting room)

b)  In the exam period (Histology; Anatomy in the dissecting room);

as well as assistance at the organization and test correction during competition and written midterm tests, altogether at least 3-4 times in a semester.


Those students have exemptions, who presented research reports (lecture, poster, paper), or prepared specimens acceptable for the Anatomy Museum (dissection).



Prof. Mihály Kálmán                                                                        Dr. Andrea D. Székely

Full professor                                                                                    Associate professor

TDK-coordinator                                                                                English course director                                                                




Some examples from our TDK- and demonstrator students' activity:


Teaching Research Dissection
Consultations before the heart midterm
TDK-conference 2010: our research students
Mihálkovics-award (specimen dissecting for the Museum)

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